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  • Marc Oakley

    Marc Oakley

    Shepherd of words. Wrangler of turds. Toddler survivor. Writer for #The Ascent and #The Riff. Ambassador of Hope at THE WALLOBOOKS PROJECT. marcoakley.com

  • Sultan Saiful

    Sultan Saiful

    Lecturer, Trader and Traveler

  • Crypto Crazy

    Crypto Crazy

    Just an ordinary simpleton seeking something greater through less. New Zealand

  • Yair Etziony

    Yair Etziony

    Head of operations for Polar Squad Germany. More then 25 years in the field, started with VAX/VMS and now working in the cloud. DevOps, SRE, culture and people.

  • Sascha Bardua

    Sascha Bardua

    Creative Technologist at Taikonauten in Berlin. Passionate about preparing children for the digital world while playing outside.

  • jax skalecki

    jax skalecki

    I became a writer the moment I could mark with a crayon. Nowadays, I prefer purple pen. Serendipity is finding a creative space to be, with my dog as my #1 fan.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Joerg Esser

    Joerg Esser

    Believing in the #power of #simplicity - passionate about simplifying #business by seizing #digital opportunities - inspired by #physics

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