# 57: The Coaching Market and the Liberal Arts

Dewey, John (2001/1916). Democracy and Education, 8.
  • Communication Studies: I would say, at least 80% of the content is derived from communication models. It starts with Schulz von Thun’s “four sides of a message” and ends with more nuanced leadership communication models.
  • Psychology: This can hardly be separated from Communication Studies because there are so many overlaps. Carl Rogers, considered one of the founders of coaching, is famous for client-centered communication/therarpy. Especially leadership personalities and styles are directly derived from psychology. To underline one thing, however, and every good coaching trainer will highlight this from the start: A coach is not a psychologist because coaches do not diagnose people and they do not care about the past. Coaching is forward-looking.
  • Business/Management Studies: This is again very closely related to leadership issues. The most important role that management studies play, from my perspective, is the general goal-orientation. Coaching is pragmatic in the most positive sense of the term. It is about achieving a defined goal within a certain period of time.
  • Humanism: One might argue that communication studies and sub-fields of the above-mentioned subjects are also humanistic in nature, based on their history in the academy. From today’s perspective, however, these fields belong to the social sciences. Hence, when I say “humanism,” I am not referring to a particular field of study. I mean the foundational premises that underlie the coaching process. Everything is directed towards improving the situation of the individual. Cui bono?




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Silke Schmidt

Silke Schmidt

Founder & CEO of Companypoets

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