# 459: L.


Karma Surf Retreat Buddha

May I touch you?

You already did.

Not with your hands,

Not with your words.

Your energy moved me,

From minute one.

Who are you?

Who am I?

No fucking idea,

But we had to meet.

To talk about life,

To ponder love.

You’re a wild woman,

You too.

Did not say it.

But meant it.

Wild women are free

And they are beautiful.

From inside out,

Their pain turned into light.

Not there yet.

Still on the way.

No, you have it all.

Could not tell you.

Touching people every day.

Healing the pain inside.

Think I am crazy?

Yes you are.

To tell the truth

To laugh out loud.

All crazy stuff

For people wearing masks.

They cannot see.

What is behind

The polished shell.

You looked me in the eyes

Wanted to look longer.

Told you my story.

You listend deeply.

So many miracles

In two lives.

So much longing

Still unlived.

I am not living my potential.

Yes, you do.

Could not convince you,

Regret that very much.

You helped me with mine

But not directly.

That Jesus stuff is good.

Yes I touch souls,

But not in a gown.

My church is the desk.

My pulpit the keyboard.

Did not tell you

What is inside

That writing is my voice

To tell people about God.

Did not trust myself.

Still do not trust.

Still doubting,

Still crying,

Still thinking there is no way.

Had to tell you this

Because I know

Something inside you is sleeping.

Allow it to come out

And you will feel,

Potential needs no acclaim,

No job post,

No company,

No fixed salary.

You are on the right track.

Continue to teach

And touch people everywhere.

If they hate it,

You know you were right.

Hope I can touch you,

At least with words.

You showed me

Why I came.

Wanted to find myself

Found you.

And a new book.

“Course in Wonders”

Will read it

Will write about it

I know when I am myself,

Right this very minute.

Just running away from fear.

You showed me how to forget time,

Will never forget you.

Might see you again.

Wishing you all the love in the world

And the light inside

To give you trust and courage

To follow your heart.

Wherever it takes you,

It will be a good place.

You shine already

Nothing else to do.

Everything will come

If you trust in the signs.

Would have liked to touch you

But you touched me.

Forgive me

I thank you.

And I love you.

In the words

Given by God.

Reflection Questions

1) Did you ever meet someone just once in your life and never saw him/her again but you will never forget the invisible bond that connected you? Think of this person right now and observe how you feel.

2) Are you following your heart without compromises? If not, what stops you?

3) When did you last say “I forgive you” to yourself?