# 326: Walking Upright


Kunze, Michael, and Michael Reinecke. Aufrecht geh’n. Musixmatch

Story behind the Passage

Today after visiting the cemetery, on my way back to the car, I heard the death bell ring. A funeral was just coming to an end. I paused for a minute to commemorate whoever was just finding his/her final resting place a few yards from where I was standing before opening the car door. As I made my way to the autobahn, just a few minutes later, I turned on the radio. Sometimes, I cannot stand the noise of the radio. But today, I felt like listening to something. I looked for a “quiet” channel — one of these channels for old people, one of the folk song stations. The second hit of the automatic search function immediately caught my attention. They were just broadcasting the news in a very quiet and factual manner. Then, the music started playing and I heard the first lines of this song above. It immediately touched me, even though it is so “simple” and so “folk-like.” It inspired me to write my own lines about walking upright.

My Learnings

Walking upright,

It takes many years.

Such a burden,

On your shoulders.

Your bent back in the mirror,

Your shoulders hanging.

How you walk,

Is how you are.

Stupid verdict.

But very true.

It takes so long,

To notice your strength.

It takes so long,

To accept your weakness.

Walking upright

Through life

Focus inward

Action outward.

How much burden to carry?

Wrinkles show age,

Tears show pain,

Muscles show strength,

Tan shows vacation?


All these are signs,

Which can mislead.

But walking upright,

Agesture without lie.

Entering a room,

With eyes upon you.

With a smiling face,

With a scornful look.

Your feet show the rhythm,

Of how you move in life.

Big steps,

Big gestures,

Loud voice,

Quiet feelings.

So many things shape us,

They break our necks.

Only inner strength can heal,

Only inner joy can make you rise.

You see the light,

After walking long.

Through the hot desert,

With bare feet in the cold.

Walking alone,

Or following others.

Does not matter

Because you will see.

That life tells you,

How large you are,

In the mirror of self.

With shoulders high,

Back straight.

Head up,

Chest out.

Eyes forward.

That is YOU.

Walking upright

Through life

Focus inward

Action outward.

Reflection Questions

1) How would you characterize your body posture?

2) In which phases of your life did your self-confidence increase significantly?

3) Under which circumstances is pride a positive feeling according to your opinion?