# 316: Bearing Freedom

Story behind the Passage

It is still so remarkable that all this New Work talk was triggered by a man who wrote his book On Being Free close to five decades ago. Nobody knows exactly how it then ended up as this hype and how he was involved in this. It does not matter. He did see the future; the effect of digitalization on the work world, the impact on the individual, and he even mentioned something that sounds a lot like the unconditional basic income — a solution that, I think, will certainly come at some point but we are still at a point where people claiming it are not really being treated seriously.

The central element of Bergmann’s philosophy remains freedom and as far as I remember the content of this book, he knew that freedom might also be a challenge for people. (This was actually my first Kindle book — I am medium impressed with the tool.) I personally think it has turned out to be more of a challenge than people have actually realized. They are claiming freedom in different ways — more indepence, more home office, freedom from hierarchies, freedom from corrupt politicians. Yet, they fail miserably in manifesting freedom in their own lives. And that, above all, is the basis of everything.

My Learnings

No borders set,

the day starts anew,

no appointments scheduled,

nowhere to go.

Feels like freedom,

but somehow it hurts.

Always aspired

but never understood.

Time ticking,

hours like days,

employees want decisions,

who decides?

The experts everywhere

but they don‘t help.

Googling “freedom,”

too many hits.

What is wrong?

Shouldn’t we be happy?

How does “happy” work?

Have unlearned it…

So much more time,

so many choices.

Freedom hurts,

darkness creeping,

no lessons in school,

“on being free.”

Where are the rules?

Who is responsible?

Want the old world back,

better bound than free.

Freedom and happiness?

What a lie!

Humans need leashes,

like animals do.

They give them safety

and a master to obey.

The inner master is asleep,

can he wake up?

Where is the coach?

Where is the workshop?

Need help to learn

bearing freedom.

Then a wise man appears,

with a big smile.

“Dear guru, please help,

teach us freedom.“

The wise man stays mute

and turns away.

Before he leaves

passes them a mirror.

The crowd is puzzled

and in despair.

An image of self?

Also hard to bear.

Freedom starts,

where there is no one to ask.

No answers to get.

There is only one path,

it starts with yourself.

Reflection Questions

1) What does freedom mean to you?

2) Do you think that human beings have a natural longing for freedom?

3) What did you learn about freedom during Covid?



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