# 315: Like Flying

Nice Little Penguins. “Flying.”

Story behind the Passage

All the way during my run this morning, I had this song in my ear. It was not despite the run, it was because of the run. If you run for so many years, I mean, in total, you go through different phases of running and what it means to your life. Above all, all this meaning depends on the feeling of running. I cannot really explain all the different states of mind that you go through as you run. But, at least, I have been able to experience running as meditation. That does not mean that I have to run in order to meditate. Rather, running can put you into this state easily. The trees start to fade in front of your eyes and you watch your own feet moving lightly, without any effort. It is a beautiful feeling — like flying.

My Learnings

Shoes on,

Tightly tied.

Morning sun rising.

World it is quiet.

First steps searching,

For the rhythm to unfold.

Birds singing.

Squirrels pacing.

Baker bringing bread.

People waiting for the bus.

Climbing hills.

Time flies.

Movement smooth.

Tap, tap, tap…

Grass is green.

Air smells fresh.

Flowers shaking off the night.

Cars moving.

Traffic lights going on.

Beautiful morning.

Flying through the air.

Dogs sniffing.

Garbage men jumping.

Daylight is here.

Mind is calm.

Body warm.

Muscles all awake now.

Working in harmony.

Steps wider.

Speed faster.

Some more hills.

Many kilometers behind.

Jumping and sprinting.

Approaching home.

Thoughts are gone.

Feels like flying...

Reflection Questions

1) When do you feel like “flying”?

2) Have you ever tried long-distance running? Why/not?

3) Is there a song that you associate with a particular activity?




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Silke Schmidt

Silke Schmidt

Founder & CEO of Companypoets

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