# 286: Scholarship as USP? Between Arrogance and Ambition

Schmidt, Silke (2021). Narrative Change Management in American Studies: A Pragmatic Reading, 360.
  • “Actually, I do not think that selling scholarship as USP is easy in business. My experience is that it actually makes business harder. People associate theory and the lack of practical skills with scholars.”
  • “Knowledge and scholarship are two different things. Nobody is interested in real, I mean deep, knowledge anyways, let alone scholarship.”
  • “Most knowledge I have does not come from university. So, there is nothing to sell in that regard.”
  • “For me, education and intelligence are way more important than ‘scholarship.’ Unfortunately, these things have very little to do with each other.”
  • “Yes, scholarship can be sold as a door opener. People might trust you a bit more if you have a Ph.D. when you do cold calling. As soon as a conversation develops, you notice that people have no idea what scholarship is all about.”




Founder & CEO of Companypoets

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Silke Schmidt

Silke Schmidt

Founder & CEO of Companypoets

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